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Twas the night before Christmas

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Seasons Greetings!


L- TRUMP 2020

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Twas the night before Christmas, and all
through the House, not a Democrat was
working, Nancy Pelosi looks like a mouse;

Epstein was hung, omg who would dare,
who flew with minors on his jet in the air;

The snowflakes can’t get 2016 out of their heads,
they all have TDS with no cure and no meds;

Shifty Schiff is screwed and his career is tattood,
he colluded for pics of Donald Trump in the nude;

First it was Mueller and the fake Russia Hoax,
“Let’s impeach him for breathing”, those Dems have jokes;

The economy is roaring and we’ve got jobs galore,
come 2020, the deplorables will show the Dems the door;

So what may you ask, is under the Christmas tree,
2 Keep America Great caps, 1 for you, 1 for me;

If you’re triggered by this card, here’s what you can do,
turn off your fake news and you’ll stop voting blue.

Merry Christmas

#MAGA #BuildTheWall #Trump2020


All envelopes are hand written, sealed with a special sticker, stamped and mailed to your favorite annoying liberal.


As a special BONUS, you’ll get to visit our special page called Triggered Liberal Reviews and we’ve alphabetized A-Z each recipients last name and first initial (for privacy) and posted their review.  Even if you don’t see your recipient or recipients, have a read of the the triggered liberal reviews for a great laugh!









*The GOTCHA greeting watermark will not be on the delivered greeting card.

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1 review for Twas the night before Christmas

  1. Jerry Guidry

    This xmas card is savage. I wished I could have a spy cam inside of it to see my bosses face!

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